How to market yourself after a devastating hurricane

Our Marketing Problems

After we were hit with this last devastating Florida hurricane it became increasingly important for philanthropies to be found on the internet. Most Florida non-profits had been relying on local meetings, local publications, etc or word of mouth to make known their organizations. But after the hurricane, all of this went out the window. It was a huge problem for these organizations. Many had relied on these kinds of meetings and publications, but in wake of the hurricane all meetings had been canceled and I know of several small publication houses that had all of their machinery damaged beyond repair.

Loss and SEM

Waiting for these things to get up and running again was certainly going to take some time and would be a huge error. Not to mention most of the local people who would be viewing these publications or attending these meetings were focused on getting their lives back together. The last thing they were thinking about it donating money to their local non-profit. They had all sorts of their own expenses due to the devastation.

Non-Profit and the Internet

But where does that leave us? The local non-profits still have bills to pay and needs to be met. Our Florida non-profit was quite successful and donations actually increased during this time and I would like to share why. It was because we were forced to think globally. Please don’t miss the importance of this. The internet has afforded us a great gift.

How we overcame

There are people all over the world, looking for a non-profit like us, and they are searching on the internet. Like building a nest egg, search engine optimization takes some time. It is wise to begin the process of this now. You are paving the way for the future of your organization. Do not limit its reach to only local markets because there may come a time when local is not reliable due to natural disasters.

Search Engine Optimization Expert Derek

We hired the company SEO Services Scottsdale to meet our local and national internet marketing needs. They took care of all web design (we did have a website but it was badly outdated and not mobile optimized), as well as all social media marketing, post creation and blog writing. It was a huge blessing and weight lifted off our marketing director’s shoulders. But more importantly than all that, together we came up with a list of keywords that we wanted to be optimized for.

Keyword Research

When doing this you must do the research and also ask yourself, “What are people typing in the search box? When they are looking for a business like mine, what words are they searching for?” Once you have identified these, the seo company takes it from there and helps your site become a powerhouse on the internet. I highly recommend this approach. This is exactly what we did. Not only did we “survive” the devastating recent hurricane, we were able to grow our philanthropic efforts, increase our donation base, and help change lives! Because, after all, that’s what were all in business to do.


Simply Google search or Bing Search “Derek Abello SEO” and you will find them on the internet.

SEM Marketing

Corporate Giving and How to Market Effectively for Donations

Search Engine Marketing and Giving

Corporate philanthropy accounts for five percent of the total giving in the U.S. The most recent statistics show that corporate giving in 2014 increased to $17.77 billion – a 13.7% increase from 2013 (from While corporate giants account definitely account for millions in giving, the vast majority of the U.S. is actually made up of small businesses, those with less than 500 employees that also generously give. More importantly, small and medium businesses are even more prevalent in south Florida and their biggest challenge regarding charitable giving is how to get the most out of their dollar.

Effects in Corporate History

The Great Recession scared many and caused thousands of companies to re-evaluate their charitable giving. The notion of being strategic with your corporate giving gave birth and companies slowly began to invest more wisely and treat philanthropy as business strategy.

Areas to Be Strategic In Giving

We think that all companies, whether you are big or small, and want to be strategic with their charitable giving need to evaluate the following areas:


What are the company’s goals/business interests? What are their values? Where are they currently giving? And why are they giving there? Can the company strategically position itself to help meet a business need or opportunity? And always take into mind the public perception and how you want to be perceived.

Brand Focus

Corporate giving needs to make business sense. You can’t sacrifice the health of the company. All companies must make a profit. And many times it is justified by the return on investment it will have for the organization – whether through brand awareness, emerging markets, employee morale and retention or consumer perception.

Don’t Compromise on Value

And there doesn’t have to be compromise of moral ideals. You can give to place where you feel passionate and still it can be a wonderful business strategy. It’s much easier to get everyone on board with the giving it the incentive is there that there is a potential return on investment.


Companies also have the opportunity to strategically maximize and allocate their resources, products, services, and staff to lead in a big way when it comes to giving smart. Some ideas are you can donate your products and services. Evaluate the types of products and services your company offers and decide what situations it can help with. A company can also look to how it does business as a way helping. UPS, for example, extends their logistics expertise and transportation assets to get products to disaster stricken areas. (taken from spokesperson for And don’t forget volunteering! Volunteers constitute for 94% of the total workforce. Having a company wide fundraiser or other fun incentives can match your employees’ interest or skill-set with a charity is an easy way to give back.

Business Partners and Marketing

Also consider working with other business partners. Discuss with your partners opportunities where collaboration can occur when discussing charitable giving, programs or initiatives. On our last venture we teamed up with local Scottsdale SEO consultant, Derek Abello, to help us get the word out about our charity. He was able to design a website, manage our social media account and gain a following for us, and rank our charity on page 1 of And all in just a matter of a few months! It made all the difference in our charitable giving. It was the difference between a successful venture and one that failed before it started. And that brings to mind that you should certainly reach out to your consumers. Your company has many customers, perhaps millions, and you can easily tap into them to raises funds or awareness about a cause.

Put a strategy in place for giving and align resources with company goals, values and business objectives and you surely will have a recipe for success in your philanthropic venture.


Our Mission and Goals

Welcome to Florida Charity and Philanthropy! After being down for many months, due to a serious hacker issue, we are now up and better than ever, determined to continue the good work we started many months ago!
We are still committed to advancing Florida’s competitive position in the US economy by promoting businesses, free market, and charitable giving across the internet.
This has been proven to stimulate economic growth and prosperity for all Florida and ultimately all US citizens.
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